New Album - Joeran Steinhauer, Jollytown

”Jollytown” – Jöran Steinhauer releases his debut solo album

German singer-songwriter Jöran Steinhauer releases his debut solo album ”Jollytown”. The album is also the singer’s first compilation of his songs in English. 

Jöran Steinhauer has previously been known for his performance in the band “Aarzemnieki”, with which he performed in the Eurovision Song Contest for Latvia, and conquered the hearts of millions. Taking on his solo career, he has stayed true to his artistic style, as his music spans across age, sex, and nationality. “Jollytown lives up to its name and celebrates humanity through encouragement, empathy and acceptance. It does so through its universal lyrics and tunes which you will find yourself humming along to in no time”, says Jöran Steinhauer. 

The album was written and produced during the Covid-19 pandemic, as Jöran himself was struggling to find optimism through the trying times. As the music helped the artist get through the worst of the pandemic, he hopes it will help others get through tough times themselves. The joyful music of “Jollytown” highlights the importance of people being there for each other, and to keep going. 

Often I felt alone with my worries. And the fact that many of us probably feel the same way, doesn’t necessarily make me feel better. But I’ve thought about how nice it would be, if there was a place where everyone’s primary purpose was to give courage and hope to those around them. In my imagination, I gave this place a name – Jollytown,” says Steinhauer. 

With his band “Aarzemnieki” (“Foreigners”) Jöran Steinhauer achieved great fame in Latvia in 2013 when his farewell song for the Baltic country’s currency “Paldies Latiņam” ( became an overnight sensation nationwide. Afterwards, the musician represented Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (”Cake To Bake”) and released numerous hits – all included in the Aarzemnieki debut album “Visi kopā” (2017). Since then, Jöran has been working on his solo career, releasing songs in Latvian, Italian, English and German. 

Jöran Steinhauer is the author of the music and lyrics on the album, with two tracks (Lullabye; Are we in the same boat) featuring English songwriter Matthew Medd. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by music producer Jānis Narbuts. The recordings took place in White Wide Production Studios, Riga, Latvia.  

The album is now available on all major streaming platforms, and the CDs are available on

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