Jöran Steinhauer

The artist

Songs that make you happy - and happy again.

“I remember well the day, when I realized that the players in the squad of my favorite football club were suddenly much younger than myself. It was then that I got a feeling that I would inevitably have to say goodbye to my childhood dream. So what do you do when the dream is over? Hey, now! Dream on!”

Jöran Steinhauer


The Guardian

Perhaps we can all rally around Jöran's dream of peace through unified pastry-making

Peter Urban

The second Bochum musician - after Herbert Grönemeyer - playing for an audience of millions

Deep Baltic

How a Song About a Coin Made Jöran Steinhauer Latvia's Favourite German


"I melted the ice of the polar caps, found the raiders of the lost ark"

For many listeners, lyrics have an incidental function - they carry the melody, they support the groove. For me, lyrics are like open doors that invite you to come in, and join the song. To stick with the metaphor: If you fall in love with interior design, you might want to stay longer. However, the wonderful thing is you can decide for yourself where you want to have a good time, either entering the building or to enjoy the facade. In either case, you’re welcome - the oven is preheated and the dinner is ready!