Jöran Steinhauer


Jöran Steinhauer works as a moderator for various events; for corporate or private, for conferences, festivals or TV.


Jöran hosts events in three languages – German (native), English (fluent) and Latvian (fluent). Due to his multilingualism he is often asked to host multi-national events, where people from different nationalities come together. Apart from the three main languages, Jöran is also able to communicate in Italian and Dutch. What’s more, he knows at least a phrase or a song in almost every European language.


Being able to engage the audience musically, enriches any event’s tune considerably. Sometimes taking a guitar, getting everyone involved to sing along immediately creates a collective feeling of togetherness. That’s what Jöran has been doing – in different constellations, even as a host – there is usually a touch of music involved. Looking back at numerous events, he has brought his own band, to get the crowd dancing or has been the one to hold the spotlight. Jöran loves both – and music always helps.

individual approach

There is no one who remembers names better than Jöran. There’s hardly an event where he hasn’t managed to talk to each attendant personally. Admittedly, 700 people is the benchmark so far. Jöran believes that, if possible, a good event is created through the individual approach. Every person is a multiplier of the atmosphere they find themselves in. If you feel welcome, you pass this feeling along to everyone around you. As a host, Jöran is the initiator, the driver, the motor. 


The most straightforward way of getting people connected is a common sense of humour. Finding the right tone for every setting and character is a skill Jöran is most proud of. Throughout an event he enjoys using the entire range of emotions. Both panel discussions and show events are only as good as their atmospheric climax. A good moderator knows when to engage – and when to let it flow.


Thematically, Jöran is flexible. Though he is curious to yet meet the person who can beat his knowledge in football (soccer!) trivia. With his degree in European Studies, he has a profound knowledge of politics, geography, cultural history and languages.
Jöran does small talk with ease, but he enjoys delving deeper into a topic. He would consider himself as an eloquent and humble discussion leader – if necessary, he is the entertainer, but he never puts himself over the others.