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Europe Day Concert in Daugavpils: Jöran Steinhauer featuring Symphony Orchestra ‘Sinfonietta’

On May 9th, Europe Day is celebrated across Europe, dedicated to peace and unity in the region! Therefore, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Riga invites everyone to the “Europe Day Concert” in Daugavpils the evening before, to commemorate 20 years since Latvia’s accession to the European Union on May 1, 2004.

We are delighted to join the people of Daugavpils at a festive and joyous concert to celebrate the European Union and contribute to the diversity of cities in the heart of Northeast Europe.

Daugavpils was chosen as the venue because it is a place where many cultures converge, embodying the European ideals of integration and acceptance. This concert emphasizes the city’s commitment to diversity and aims to leave a positive impression far beyond its borders.

The Europe Day Concert will be an open-air event held at the courtyard of Daugavpils State Gymnasium, with free admission for all attendees.

Performers will include Jöran Steinhauer, Daugavpils Sinfonietta, as well as local artists such as Laura Bicāne and Arnis Slobožaņins.

Jöran Steinhauer, born in Germany and known throughout Latvia since representing the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (ESC) for Latvia, will host the program. Jöran has had a special connection with Daugavpils for some time: in 2017, he led an ambitious youth project where young people from the region could creatively express their perspective on their beloved hometown. The project resulted in the song “Draugavpils.”

The Embassy looks forward to welcoming many concert-goers, an evening filled with joy and atmosphere, and the opportunity for numerous encounters in Daugavpils!

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