sträter bender streberg podcast

New EP: “Sträter Bender Streberg Songs”

“Sträter Bender Streberg” is one of the most famous cinema podcasts in Germany. Jöran Steinhauer has now released an EP with songs that are dedicated to the podcasters themselves. Torsten Sträter (award-winning comedian and author), Hennes Bender (voice actor and comedian), Gerry Streberg (screenwriter) all receive their own personal anthem. The songs are in German and full to the brim with references to the life and work by the three entertainers from the Ruhr area. This creates a remarkable connection: The podcast “Sträter Bender Streberg” is mostly recorded in Bochum – the hometown of Jöran Steinhauer.

The EP “Sträter Bender Streberg Songs” is now available on all music streaming platforms.

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